Are You a New Dog Owner,
or Looking to Become One?

Being a new dog owner can be, and should be, thrilling. But, if you've never owned a dog before, it can also be a little bit scary. There may seem like a lot to learn about caring for a dog.

Take heart "newbie," help is available!

If you're getting a dog for the first time, you'll find all kinds of help here. And, even if you've owned dogs for years, you'll still find a thing or two here that you might never have known before.

There's no reason why first time dog owners should be afraid of the experience. As long as you do your homework and prepare properly, the whole process should be a lot of fun for you and your family.

Getting a New Dog is Exciting...

It's one of those events in life that you never forget. It’s right up there with your first day at college, getting married, and having a baby.

While each of these events is exciting, we all soon discover that beyond the excitement of the event there’s a bit of work that goes along with it.

Some of that work involves...

This is my dog, Duke

Understanding Your New Canine Companion

We all love our dogs. They have a way of worming their way into our hearts and into our lives. They depend on us for everything, and we come to depend on their company.

That said, it’s important for us to remember...

  • Dogs are NOT little furry people!
  • They don’t think like us.
  • They don’t interact with the world like we do.
  • Each dog has its own personality.
  • Each dog has its own instincts,and even its own emotions.

If you keep these in mind, you’re on your way to understanding how your dog thinks.

Living with a Creature of Another Species

When you think how different we are from dogs, it’s really quite amazing that it works as well as it does.

One of the things that make dogs so special is that they are willing and eager to adapt to our human environment. After all, their lives with us are very different from the way they would live in the wild.

But for this to work, you have to meet your dog half way.

  • You can’t expect your new dog to know how to fit into your life or into your family.
  • You can’t expect them know what want from them...that's where training comes in.
  • You need to find a way to communicate with them.
  • Finally, you need to teach them how to communicate with you.

You’ll find many ideas here that will help you to understand your dog better. You’ll learn to think like your dog. You’ll also learn how to take care of him...mind...body...and soul.

The Help You Need as a First Time Dog Owner

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • How to choose the RIGHT Dog for you and your particular situation. Choosing a Dog is often considered the easiest part of the process. But, if you choose the wrong dog, you’ll make everything else much harder than it needs to be.
  • Finding the right name for your dog. We have an extensive list of Popular Dog Names for you to browse through. We also have some helpful tips for choosing just the right name for dog.
  • The best way to train your new dog. Giving your new pet proper Dog Obedience Training isn’t just a nice to have idea. It can make all the difference between having a well-mannered dog that everyone adores and having a dog that gets on everyone’s nerves.
  • Taking the best care of your dog. You’ll find lots of Dog Care Tips that make living with your canine friend so much easier and more pleasurable.
  • Choosing the best food for your dog. Some new dog owners (and I was one of them) think that all dog food is basically the same. Others will spend a lot of money on so-called “Premium” dog food thinking that they are getting the best. I’ll show you how to find the Best Dog Food available (and you won’t have to mortgage your home to buy it).
  • And, much more.
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I hope that you’ll find this guide both useful and entertaining, and that you come back often. As you use this guide, your survival with your new dog is guaranteed!

Roadmap to Success

Step 1: Selecting a Dog

Step 2: Type of Dog

Step 3: Choosing the right Dog

Step 4: Naming your new Dog

Step 5: Finding the Right Food

Step 6: Training Your Dog

Step 7: General Dog Care Tips

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Selecting a Dog

Type of Dog

Choosing the right Dog

Naming your new Dog

Finding the right Food

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