The Best Dog Breeds are...
the Ones You Love the Most

What are the best dog breeds and what makes them the best?

We All Have Our Favorites...

We have our favorite movies, TV shows, restaurants, high school teachers, and on and on. So, why should it be surprising that we also have our favorite dog breeds?

Now the best dog breeds for me may not appeal to you at all. We all have different reasons why we like different things. 

Why Do We Prefer a Particular Dog Breed?

There are any number of factors that go into making a particular breed the best one for you. Here are just a few of those factors:


As simple as it may sound, this is probably the number one factor. There’s just something about the way a dog looks that attracts our attention. Whatever it is, we just fall in love with a dog’s love at first sight.


This is another common factor that I’ve heard over and over again. “We always had beagles growing up.” The pets that we have as kids leaves a lasting impression on us. We long to recapture those feelings that we had for our childhood dog. 


Some dogs are high-strung others are low-key. Some dogs are aggressive and others are more passive. Some breeds are playful and others like to be left alone.

Some are good with children and others are better off with adults. Depending on what we like, these can contribute to our preferring a particular breed over others.

Personal Needs...

Is having a dog for protection of critical importance to you? Are you allergic to most dogs? Do you have limited space available for a dog?

Do you have very young children that could be harmed by an aggressive dog? These, and many other personal needs, might factor into what you your favorites.

Work Needs...

Are you a bird hunter? You might think a hunting breed is the best. Do you live on a farm and use dogs to herd cattle or sheep? There are several breeds that might make it onto your list for their herding ability.

If you’re a fireman, you may prefer dalmatians (though I’m not quite sure why). And, policemen definite have their favorite dog breeds (German Shepherds being one).

What Dog Breed is Special to You?

I bet he/she is to you! I hope you will take a few minutes to tell us what your favorite dog breed is and why you love them.

What makes them one of the best dog breeds? How did your love affair begin? And, how deep is your love? If you have some, please share your dog breed pictures, too!

What's Your Favorite Dog Breed?

Have you always just loved a particular dog breed or certain dog breeds? Or, have you recently become enamored with a new dog breed? Tell us about it!

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