Funny Dog Names that Will
Bring a Smile to Your Face

The thing to remember about funny dog names is that no matter how humorous you think it is, everyone will not get it. And, that’s fine. We all find different things funny.

Some of us like slap-stick and some like more subtle humor. Some like situation comedy and others like stand-up comedy.

Whatever tickles your fancy, you should just focus on finding a dog name that you find funny.

Humorous situations can make for some funny dog names

One way to find some funny dog names is look at the situation surrounding you and your new dog. Is there a good name that would make you laugh. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Are you in a profession that has famous historical figures or fictional characters. Many people will find it humorous (if they get the connection).


  • If you’re a psychologist, naming your dog Freud or Sigmund could be fun.
  • If you’re a chef, how about Julia?
  • If you’re a lawyer, you could go with Perry or Mason.
  • A doctor might choose, Marcus or Welby.

Other options:

  • Does everyone know that you’re a Trekkie (a Star Trek fanatic)? Naming your dog Kirk, Spock, McCoy, or maybe Bones is bound to get a smile (and maybe an eye-roll). Or, how about Trekky?
  • Are you a choc-aholic (you just love chocolate)? Your friends will think it’s funny if your pets are named after candy bars or chocolate cookies: Oreo, Snickers, Hershey, Tootsie Roll, etc.

Funny dog names derived from Theme Humor

These work best when you have more than one pet and apply the same theme. For instance, your favorite situation comedy on television can provide some funny dog names.


  • Gilligan’s Island: Gilligan, Skipper, Ginger, or Lovey (Mr. Howell’s nickname for his wife).
  • Happy Days: Fonzie, Potsie, or Pinkie.
  • Andy Griffith Show: Opie, Otis, Barney, Gomer, Goober, or even Floyd.
  • If you get 2 female pets at the same time, you might go with Lavern and Shirley, or Lucy and Ethel.
  • If you get 2 male pets at the same time, how about Starsky and Hutch, or Lenny and Squiggy (keeping with the Lavern and Shirley theme)?
  • If you get 1 of each gender, how about Blondie and Dagwood, George and Gracie, (or your favorite husband and wife team)?
  • Just pick your favorite sitcom, and mine it for gold...

Your dog's appearance can provide some funny dog names

Does you new canine friend resemble someone you know or have a prominent feature that resembles someone you know? Be careful with this don’t want to offend anyone.

Some breeds have lots of energy or get into everything. If you have such a dog, you could try: Chaos, Cyclone, Dynamite, Godzilla

Does your pet have a distinguishing feature? You could emphasize that feature to make funny dog names. 


  • a Dalmation named Freckles
  • a bushy tailed dog called Foxy
  • a small dog with long fine hair could go by Furball or Furface.

Or, try naming your puppy the opposite of that feature. 


  • a black Lab named Whitey
  • a St. Bernard called Tiny or Shorty
  • a Chihuahua called Jumbo, Moose, Tiger, or Titan.

Silly sounding funny dog names

Some funny dog names just make you laugh when say them out loud. Here are some that sound humorous to me (notice how many end with the letters L-E-S):

  • Bimbo, Bubbles, Bullwinkle, Cha-cha, Chubby, Fuddles, Giggles, Harpo, Hubba-Hubba, Huckleberry Hound, Iggy, Jelly Bean, Jingles, Kibbles, Meatloaf, Muddles, Nibbles, Periwinkle, Pickles, Poindexter, Pookie, Puddles, Riffraff, Ripples, Ruffles, Schnooky, Scruffy, Skittles, Sniffles, Squeaky, Stinky, Tizzy, Tootsie, Truffles, Twinkles, Wiggles, Wimpy

Sometimes you can make a name funnier by adding on to it.

  • Droopy is already a funny sounding name. But, you can make it funnier (or at least I think so) by adding “drawers” to the end of you have Droopy Drawers.
  • Doogie Howser MD was a TV show from the early 1990’s in the United States. Now Doogie is already a pretty funny sounding name. But change Howser to Bowser and you have a very funny name for your new pooch...Doogie Bowser MD ("Me Dog").

You can have a lot of fun picking a name for your new dog, but tread carefully in this category of funny dog names. Before deciding on one, picture yourself in the park calling for your dog.

Will you be embarrassed or feel funny yourself? Will your spouse or kids be embarrassed saying this name in public? If so, find another name.

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