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Online pet food stores are becoming more and more popular these days. And, for good reason. They have several advantages over your local pet food store (or pet supply store), not to mention your grocery store. Here are a few of these advantages:

  • Better Selection - You can find almost any brand of pet food online. If one of the stores doesn't have what you're looking for, you can bet that another one will.
  • Better Prices - You can often save money buying from an online pet food company. But you have to be careful. Your savings on the pet food can easily be eaten up by shipping costs.
  • Home delivery - If you're buying a lot of pet food each month and don't enjoy lugging those large bags around, home delivery can be a "God-send." Many people are more than willing to pay a little extra for the privilege of home delivery.

The Downside of These Stores

It's easy to look at the advantages of shopping at an online pet food store, but there is one serious drawback. But, this drawback also applies to your local grocery store or pet supply store.

The problem is that they must make sure that they always have enough of each brand of pet food on hand for their customers. That probably doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it? If you've found a brand that your dog likes, you certainly want to make sure that you can always get it before you run out.

But, that's where the problem comes in. For any company to guarantee the availability of a particular brand, they must have a large quantity of product in their warehouse. Either that, or the distributor that supplies them must have a large quantity in storage.


Not all of these stores are alike, however. Some are run by the company that makes the pet food. These are the ones that I recommend. There are several benefits to these stores:

  • You eliminate the middleman...the distributors. This can often reduce the price.
  • Better products. By eliminating the costs associated with having distributors, the company can use better ingredients. This means better products for about the same price.
  • Safety. The company is able to control and monitor where their products go and what customers receive products from which batch. Should the company discover a problem with a particular batch of food, they are able to contact the customers directly. This is a huge benefit.
  • Product knowledge. Dealing directly with the company that makes a product usually means that customer support is knowledgeable about the product. If you've got a question about feeding their products, they can advise you. At your local pet supply store, you're like to talk to a 17 year old high school student with pimples who doesn't have a clue how to advise you.

Finding the Right Online Pet Food Store

Following the 2007 pet food recalls, I went on a search for a better dog food for my dogs. I discovered a company that only sold their products through their own online store.

They did this because they understood the importance of selling the freshest products possible. They guarantee that their pet food is no more than 6 to 8 weeks old.

I researched their products and discovered that they were all formulated by a holistic veterinarian who had been making pet food for over 20 years. I also liked the fact that the company made their formulator available to answer customer questions on a regular conference call. I'd never heard of any other company doing that.

And, I liked the fact that she was not there as a sales person. She is clearly a pet lover and is just available to help pet owners get the answers they need. She can't and won't practice medicine over the phone, but she often provides direction to confused pet owners.

And, if she feels that her products are not right for a particular pet (for instance, if their vet has prescribed a particular prescription diet), she will tell the caller so.

Here's a short video about the only online pet food store that I'm comfortable recommending:

Giving it a Try...

If you're like I was a few years ago, you're probably pretty excited to discover such a company. If you'd like to give the products a try, here's a link to their pet food store.

You can also find helpful information on our Premium Dog Food page (including suggestions for saving money on your purchases).

And, if you have any questions or comment, please feel free to ask. Just use the contact form below.

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